alzet渗透压泵外科手术录像, 给药方法(录像示教)

alzet渗透压泵外科手术录像, 给药方法(录像示教)

How ALZET pumps work.
Selecting the appropriate pump for your studies.
Brief explanation of what it is.

ALZET Osmotic Pumps

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    ALZET pumps are a simple, convenient and reliable method for continuous dosing of laboratory animals, including mice and rats. This video provides an overview of the ALZET technology, benefits and applications. Learn more at

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  2. This 20 minute video describes the ALZET pump mechanism of action, and the advantages of continuous infusion over frequent injections. This video also shows how to use, fill and implant ALZET pumps in laboratory animals. The following procedures are demonstrated:
    - Use of ALZET pump with a catheter for targeted delivery application
    - Subcutaneous implantation procedure in the mouse
    - Intraperitoneal implantation procedure in the rat
    - Intragastric cannulation procedure in the rat
    - Intravenous cannulation procedure in the rat
    - ALZET Brain Infusion Kit preparation for CNS delivery
    - Intracerebral cannulation procedure in the rat
    - Intrathecal cannulation procedure in the rat
    - Lynch coil procedure for pulsatile administration using ALZET pumps
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  3. ALZET pumps deliver by the process of osmotic displacement. This video describes the inner parts of an ALZET pump and how they operate to enable continuous delivery of experimental agents. Learn more at

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  4. ALZET pumps improve animal welfare by reducing the stress caused by repetitive injections and frequent animal handling. This video shows lab animals implanted with ALZET pumps. Learn more at

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  5. ALZET pumps are easy to use. After filling with compund solution, implantation can be performed in just minutes. This video describes the subcutaneous and intraperitoneal implantation procedures. Learn more at