New Era系列注射器微量注射泵(USA)-精确程控-特价

精确程控微量注射泵(New Era Syringe Pump Systems) 特价

微量注射泵产品简介: New Era系列注射器微量注射泵可用于:生物医学、动物、制药、化学、物理等科学实验领域,同时具有注射和回抽功能,可控制流速,可通程序控制注射流量。相比较其它同类产品,New Era泵提供了更强的功能,然而价格确比其它品牌要低。这让New Era泵嬴得了大量的客户。客户向其它的同事推荐这种微量注射泵。对于需要双泵的用户而言,New Era系统的优势是巨大的。它以不高于其它品牌双通道泵的价格,提供两台单通道泵。这两台泵可以单独控制,从事不同的实验,也可以互联,运行相同的参数或程序。功能和实用性均远超其它厂家的双通道泵。New Era微量注射泵可兼容市场上绝大部分的注射器。


  1. 机操作也可电脑控制 (RS-232)

  1. 可注射也可回抽 (双向)

  1. 可用1~60cc注射器

  1. 选择注射流量及流速控制程序,有41种选择

  1. 可将多个泵连合成一个系 (), 最大100;

  1. NE-1000NE-4000, 6NE-16008NE-1800整机选择.

  1. 注射速率pumping rate:

NE-1000: 0.73 ml/~2100ml/

NE-4000: 0.73 ml/~2100ml/

NE-1600: 0.568 ml/~1337ml/

NE-1800: 0.568 ml/~380 ml/


注射器尺寸 1-60ml,or 0.5-5μl微量注射器

注射器数目 168 依据泵的型号变化

驱动方式 步进马达,1/8 to 1/2步进方式

转轴最大步进数 400/s

马达步进距离 0.850μm(1/2step)

马达/转轴齿数 15/28

速度(max/min 5.1cm/min 0.0042cm/hr

泵流量       最大:1699mL/hr60ml注射器


最大推力 35lb 最小流速时

18lb 最大流速时

程序数 41

电源 220V50-60Hz

尺寸 22.9×14.6×11.4 cm

重量 1.6kg

Precise Programmable Syringe Pumps

NE-300 "Just Infusion"™ Syringe Pump
Pump NE-300
Price: USD $275

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Single Syringe Pump
Double Syringe Pump
OEM Syringe Pump
6-Syringe Pump
8-Syringe Pump
New Product Price
  • Holds small or big syringes up to 60 mL
  • Pump continuously until you stop the pump
  • Infusion rate can be changed while pumping
  • Remembers previous settings on power up
  • Power failure mode allows pump to continue pumping after a reset
  • Syringe purge mode
  • Displays total volume dispensed in mL or μL units
  • Maximum pumping rate of 1500 mL/hr with a 60 mL syringe
  • Precise reproducible flow rates
  • Selectable infusion rates units: mL/hr, μL/hr, mL/min, μL/min
  • Pictured Syringe is for Demonstration purposes only
    "Infuses Only!"
  • -Does not withdraw, volume target, or have computer interface
  • -Just the features that you want to pay for

    规格 Descriptions

    • Model :             NE-1000     NE-4000     NE-1600           NE-1800
    • Syringe sizes:                1 ~ 60 cc    1 ~ 60 cc          1 ~ 10 cc
    • Number of syringes:       1~ 6 8
    • Electrical
    • Motor type: Step motor
    • Motor steps per revolution: 200
    • Motor to drive screw ratio: 1/4
    • Drive screw pitch: 24 revolutions
    • Advance per motor step: 1.323 um
    • DC connector: 2.5 mm, center positive
    • Voltage at DC connector: 12V DC at full load
    • Amperage: 1000 mA at full load
    • Power supply output rating: 12V DC @ 1000 mA
    • Dimensions:
    • NE-1000: 22.86 cm x 14.605 cm  x 11.43 cm
    • NE-1600,1800: 26.35 cm x 38.42 cm  x 13.34 cm
    • Weight: NE-1000 (1.63 kg)  NE-1600,1800  (4.6 kg)
    • Operational
    • Maximum speed:  3.2226 cm/min
    • Minimum speed:   0.0262 cm/hr
    • pumping rate:
    NE-1000: 0.73   ml/hr~2100ml/hr
    NE-4000: 0.73   ml/hr~2100ml/hr
    NE-1600: 0.568 ml/hr~1337ml/hr
    NE-1800: 0.568 ml/hr~380  ml/hr
    • Maximum force: 160 lbs at minimum speed
    30 lbs. at maximum speed
    • Number of Program Phases: 41
    • RS-232 pump network:  100 pumps maximum
    • Syringe inside diameter range: 0.100 ~ 50.00 mm

    NE-1000 Family Detailed Features

    • Infuses and withdraws
    • Selectable pump rate units: μl/hr, μl/min, ml/hr, ml/min.
    • Change pumping rate and direction while pumping.
    • Dispense a specified volume.
    • Syringe purge mode will infuse or refill syringe at top speed to purge air from the line or to fill the syringe.
    • Audible buzzer can be programmed to alert when an alarm condition occurs or the pumping program completes.
    • Power failure mode restarts a pumping program interrupted by a power failure.
    • Stall detection stops pump when the motor's operation is impeded (not on NE-500 model)
    • Non-volatile memory restores all setup parameters and the pumping program, on power up.
    • Elastomer raised keypad with optional beeping whenever the keypad is pressed.
    • CE certified

    Production Productivity Features

    • Pre-program a set of production dispensing protocols. The operator then selects the required dispense protocol
    • Keypad Lockout: Prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to the settings by requiring a "Lockout Disable" key to be inserted to change settings.

    Pump Programming

    • 41 programmable phases
    • Enter programs from the keypad or from a computer.
    • Download or upload pumping programs from or to a computer. Store dispensing programs in a file on your computer, then download them to one or more pumps. Specify in the file to send a different pumping program to each pump in the pump network.
    • Pre-program dispense volumes. Each volume can be different.
    • Automatically change pumping rates or pumping direction.
    • Ramp up or down the pumping rate.
    • Set timed delays between dispenses.
    • Automatically pause the program and wait for the user to continue the dispense.
    • Synchronize dispenses with other equipment or pumps to change pumping rates in reaction to a sensor or signals from other pumps.
    • Send logic signals to other equipment. Change pumping rates in reaction to a sensor.
    • Program the audible alarm to beep at any time to alert the operator.

    Bi-Directional RS-232 Interface

    • Network up to 100 pumps from a single communications port on a computer. Baud rates up to 19200.
    • Free terminal emulator program allows communications with syringe pump.
    • Directly control one or more pumps from a computer, including setting the pumping rate, direction and volume. Set the operational and setup configurations. Also the TTL interface can be queried and the programmable output set.
    • Using a computer, each pump in the pump network can be individually controlled and monitored. Or, the computer can download a new pumping program to each pump which would automatically reconfigure the dispensing system for a new job.
    • Downloading control programs to the pump would unload computer overhead to the pump. Computer resources could then be used elsewhere while the pumps operate independently.
    • 2 modes of communications: Basic and Safe
      • Basic: Basic master-slave interface. Easy to implement. Can communicate from any terminal emulator.
      • Safe: A reliable interface for a real-world environment.
        • - High quality interface which detects communication errors via a 16 bit CCITT CRC.
        • - The pump will automatically transmit an alarm packet when a pump alarm occurs. For instance, if the pump stalls or resets, a message is immediately sent to the computer.
        • - A configurable communications time-out will stop the pump and alarm if the communications link is broken.
        • - Packet inter-character time-out to recover packet synchronization after communication glitches.
    • Software Developer friendly communications protocol.
      • Consistent and well defined communications packets.
      • Constant start and end characters.
      • Packets structured to be easily parsed

    TTL Logic Contol Interface

    • Control the pump from a foot switch or timer.
    • Output signals can be used to switch a valve from an output to an input reservoir.
    • Keypad Lockout: Prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to the settings by requiring a "Lockout Disable" key to be inserted to change settings.
    • Pumping direction control
    • Programmable output signal
    • Programmable responses to input signals
    • Configurable start and stop trigger:
      • Start or stop the pump on each contact closure to ground. For example, a foot switch.
      • Start the pump on closure to ground and stop the pump on opening the connection. For example a timer relay that starts the pump whenever closed and stops the pump whenever open.
      • Only start the pump on each contact closure to ground. For example, a laboratory animal trained to press a lever can receive a drug dosage from the pump and the pump will not stop or deliver another dosage until it is permitted by the pumping program entered by the user
    • Configurable trigger input:
      • Edge trigger: Starts or stops the pump, such as from a foot switch
      • Level trigger: Start or stops the pump, such as from a timer or relay control
      • Start only trigger: Edge trigger will only start the pump, such as from a lab animal trained to press a lever to receive a dosage.
    Special Application: 双筒连续灌注Continuous Infusion/Dual Syringe Pump




    • Heating device for syringes that require temperature-controlled dispensing
    • Heats syringe to over 100 degrees Celsius
    • Digitally set the heater setpoint
    • Temperature sensor in heating pad
    • Setpoint retained in memory
    • Controller will heat the syringe and hold the set temperature using an on/off or PID control algorithm
    • Multiple syringe heater pads can be attached to the control unit
    • Heated syringe can be mounted on a syringe pump
    • Syringe Heater Kit includes Control-Unit power cable and Primary-Syringe-Heater-Pad