MotionWatch 8 - ActiWatch 换代新品

ActiWatch 换代新品 MotionWatch8 8

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Actiwatch Replacement MotionWatch 8

The MotionWatch is the next generation of actigraphy watch from CamNtech, inventors of the Actiwatch. Following
discontinuation of the Actiwatch 4 and 7, CamNtech has utilised advances in accelerometer technology to produce the MotionWatch 8 with a tri-axial accelerometer.

The MotionWatch is one of the most unobtrusive Actigraphy devices available leading to high patient compliance. With an in-built ambient light sensor and event marker, the MotionWatch provides the ideal solution for long-term recording with no interruptions for battery charging.

The MotionWatch is a CE marked Class 1 medical device and US FDA cleared (K132764).

Main features

Actiwatch Replacement MotionWatch 8 on wrist

  • Compatible with Actiwatch 4 & 7 files
  • Light-weight waterproof wristworn actigraph
  • Fast direct USB transfer
  • USB data transfer eliminates need for a reader
  • Light sensor and event marker included as standard
  • User replaceable battery
  • Records up to 120 days with a 1 minute epoch
  • Software includes NPCRA function
  • All raw and analysed data can be exported to third party programmes
  • Can be used to analyse (PLMS) with optional software.

Connectivity & Battery --- USB连接,   标准锂电池CR2032, 持续约4个月, 用户可以很容易

The MotionWatch benefits from a Micro B USB port which can be directly plugged into a PC. This allows the user to setup and download from the MotionWatch without the trouble and expense of a seperate reader/charger. The battery is a standard lithium CR2032 which lasts approximately 4 months and can be easily changed by the user. Both the MotionWatch battery and USB port can be accessed by simply twisting open the case.

Actiwatch Replacement MotionWatch 8 USBActiwatch Replacement MotionWatch 8 usb cable


MotionWare, the new analysis software designed to analyse data from the MotionWatch, allows the user to access data on a full range of sleep and circadian parameters. The MotionWatch uses a new digital tri-axial accelerometer, greatly improved from old Actiwatch devices.  Although the activity counts are not directly equivalent to activity counts from old Actiwatch devices this gives increased reliability and less variability both between devices and over time.


The activity plots coupled with specialised software can be used to quantify the intensity and duration of daily physical activity. This data can be used  for a wide variety of applications e.g. as an indicator of a particular lifestyle, to monitor the effects on mobility of a medical condition or efficacy of its treatment, or to identify irregular activity patterns for assesment of sleep quality.


The MotionWatch has been validated against polysomnography; initial details were presented at ESRS 2012: Validation of a new Actigraph MotionWatch versus Polysomnography on 70 healthy and suspected sleep disordered subjects.  There will be a more detailed publication of this comparison to follow.

Epochs & Recording times - Activity only:

Epoch length 1 sec 2 sec 5 sec 15 sec 30 sec 1 min
Recording time 3 days 6 days 15 days 45 days 91 days 120 days

Epochs & Recording times - Activity & Light:

Epoch length 1 sec 2 sec 5 sec 15 sec 30 sec 1 min
Recording time 1.5 days 3 days 7 days 22 days 45 days 91 days