PH微型电极 & 离子选择性电极-Lazar Ultra-M 型

PH微型电极 & 离子选择性电极-Lazar Ultra-M 型

Lazar Ultra-M 型 PH微型电极


1.可插入96孔的固相萃取柱, NMR 管, 微量离心管以及血清杯中等微量实验 管中






6. 已被世界多所大学和研究机构所认可。

7. Lazar Ultra-M 微型PH电极已成为工业测量微量样品的标准仪器。 它不仅能测试1/5滴的微量样品,而且有结实不碎的探头。


pH 范围: 2 to 12

温度范围: 0 to 65 oC

探头类型: 氟化聚合物和树脂

尺寸: 2.8mm 直径 X 150mm l长



应用: 可用于体积在10-800微升的样品测试.可用于可插入96孔的固相萃取柱, NMR 管, 微量离心管以及血清杯,凝胶实验中等微量实验管中

此外,电极杆可加长,用来测试NMR 管,同时保持同样的精确度

PHR-146S 微型电极

PHR-146NMRS NMR tubes测试微型电极

成套pH 测量系统
PHR-146XS - Ultra-M micro pH系统

PHR-146NMRXS -NMR 管 Ultra-M micro pH 测试系统

ORP-146CXS - ArrowDoxTM Measurement System



1.可插入96孔的固相萃取柱, NMR , 微量离心管以及血清杯中等微量实验 管中





5.在测试氧化还原电位的同时也在测试细胞色素的还原时的 吸光度。

6. 已被世界多所大学和研究机构所认可。

ORP-146CXS - ArrowDoxTM 测试系统

ORP-146CXSNMR ArrowDoxTM 测试系统 (用来测试NMR tubes.


Ion Selective Electrodes

离子选择性电极 离子选择性电极的工作原理.pdf

Micro Flow Through Ion Electrodes

Micro Flow Through Ion Electrodes

Micro flow ion electrodes have internal volumes of less than 50 ul for flow through applications in biotechnology, chemical research, pharmacology, organ perfusion studies, HPLC, FIA, and environmental studies.

Unique Features

  • Low Volume Flow Through Systems. All flow through ion electrodes have internal volumes less than 50 microliters.
  • Wide flow range. The standard flow through cells have a flow range of 0 to 25 ml/min. Flow cells are also available for flow rates up to 500 ml/min.
  • Rapid Response. Response time for all the flow through electrodes is less than 20 seconds for a 50% increase in the parameter being monitored.
  • Low Detection Limit. Micro flow through ion electrodes will typically measure below 1 ppm, while some ion electrodes like the sodium electrode will measure down to 0.02 ppm (1 micro Molar).
  • Compatible with all laboratory pH meters. The micro flow through electrodes are compatible with all major brand pH meters including Orion(R), Beckman(R) Corning(R), Fisher(R), and Radiometer(R). Specify meter when ordering.
  • Use chart recorder or PC for continuous recording of concentration vs. time. The recorder output from the pH/mV meter which is used with the ion electrodes can be input into a standard strip chart recorder or PC with an A to D converter.
  • Use with silastic or other flexible tubing. Electrodes come with miniature hose barb end fitting. Just slip the silastic or other tubing over the hose barb fitting for a leak free connection.
  • Use with HPLC fittings. The micro flow through electrodes also come with 1/4-28 chromatography fittings and can be plumbed directly to an HPLC system using fluoropolymer or PEEK tubing.
  • All biocompatible components. All electrode components are made of glass, fluoropolymer, acrylic, and epoxy and are completely compatible with biological solutions containing proteins etc.
  • Autoclavable. Autoclavable micro flow through electrodes are available at extra cost. Specify when ordering.
  • Ideal for organ perfusion studies. The micro flow through electrodes for pH, pO2, and pCO2 are ideally suited for perfusion studies in liver, kidney, heart, lung, and other perfused organ systems.
  • Used in cell perfusion studies. The Micro flow through electrodes can also be used in cell perfusion studies of various animal and plant cells.

All micro flow through ion selective electrodes in the table below are combination electrodes where the reference electrode is already included within the body of the micro flow through ion selective electrode.

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