VitalView無線遙測实验动物生理及行为-Telemetric Physiological &

VitalView-無線遙測实验动物生理及行为Telemetric Physiological & Behavioral data acquisition system for transgenic mice


Physiological and behavioral monitoring of transgenic mice and other laboratory animals has never been simpler. Through the use of biotelemetry and a variety of available sensors, it is possible for VitalView to monitor up to seven different physiological or behavioral parameters from a single laboratory subject.

With VitalView software you can view incoming data and process and export ASCII data to your favorite analytical software package.

Combinations of the following parameters may be monitored for multiple laboratory subjects using VitalView:VitalView Brochure.pdf; VitalView 3000, 4000 G2. B s .pdf

  • Body Core Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Gross Motor Activity
  • Running Wheel Turns
  • Drinking/Licking Frequency
  • Feeding Behavior
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Light
Vitalview Series 4000 SystemEMitterSalesSheetNew-April07[1].pdfImplantation Manual for E-Mitter 4000.pdf

New Addition to the G2 Family!! Due to the popularity of our G2 E-Mitter, released a year ago, our engineers have developed a G2 Heart Rate (HR) E-Mitter that is nearly half the size (by volume) of the original (Standard) HR E-Mitter. Ideal for use in mice, the new G2 HR E-Mitter uses the same ER-4000 Energizer/Receiver and VitalView data acquisition components as all other E-Mitters.

Standard E-Mitters and G2 E-Mitters monitor temperature and gross motor activity. Heart Rate E-Mitters monitor heart rate, temperature, and gross motor activity.

No batteries are required to operate this revolutionary system. These special transponders (E-Mitters) allow you to forget about batteries and the recalibration necessary after battery changes. By allowing you to dispense with the time and money required for refurbishment and recalibration, they increase your productivity and allow you to follow animal care and use protocols more closely.

VitalView Series 4000 components use serial data inputs that must be routed through the serial port on your PC. Up to 32 receivers and 96 channels of incoming data may be received in this fashion.

For a diagram of how these components may be assembled to form a system capable of meeting your needs, please download our VitalView brochure* or fill out our information request form and we will send one to you.

Activity Wheel Cage Systems.pdf


Nalgene Running Wheel with cut away bottom
Running Wheel Turns

Running Wheel Turns are recorded using a Magnetic Switch. The switch itself is mounted to the support frame of the running wheel. A magnet is attached to the wheel itself. As the wheel turns, the switch silently counts the number of times it is passed by the magnet.

Running wheel turns may be recorded using our new Mini Mitter Running Wheels or Nalgene Running Wheels.

Reference for Using MINI Mitter's equipment


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